Indoor Hot Tubs – Everything You Need to Know

New hot tub owners often struggle with deciding where to place their tub. There are many pros and cons to weigh when deciding whether to place your hot tub inside or outside.

While many people choose to place their tub outside, indoor hot tub placement may be more suitable for your situation.

Though not all potential hot tub owners have the opportunity to place their tub inside, those that do may find their tub more enjoyable if they decide to.

Things to Consider Before Installing Your Hot Tub Inside

Though having an indoor hot tub may seem glamorous, you will need to consider a few things before attempting to install one inside.

Hot tubs create a lot of moisture when they are in use. This is because the water in the tub slowly evaporates. This moisture can cause your walls to become wet, and over time, they can rot or become moldy.

To avoid this situation, you will need to protect your walls with a wall covering. In most cases, you can purchase a vapor barrier to protect your walls. Also, it’s necessary to install ample ventilation in the room with the hot tub. Increased ventilation will help the room dehumidify so moisture doesn’t have the opportunity to rot your walls.

Another thing to consider about an indoor hot tub is the flooring your hot tub will sit on and the flooring surrounding it. Many people don’t consider that their floor will become slippery in the moist environment a hot tub creates.

To avoid slipping and falling, it’s recommended that your flooring is a slip-resistant tile. Other forms of flooring, like wood and carpet, are susceptible to rot. Many hot tub owners like to also install a floor drain, which will help keep the floor dry and make it easy to clean.

Benefits of an Indoor Hot Tub

Though there is a lot of planning involved in installing an indoor hot tub, there are also many benefits. One of those benefits is privacy. If you’re worried about privacy while you soak, an indoor tub is a way to go. No one will be able to bother you if your tub is indoors, and you won’t need to worry about any onlookers.

Another benefit of an indoor hot tub is safety. Many people who own outdoor hot tubs wish they had a piece of mind for themselves and their tubs. Having your tub indoors will ensure that you and your tub are protected.

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