2 Best Hot Tubs for a Small Backyard


Working with the space you have is key when purchasing a hot tub. Many hot tubs don’t see the use they would typically see because of space constraints.

Though you may have a small backyard, there are many hot tub options that are suitable for your space.

Below, Jacuzzi Hot Tubs & Backyard Living of Surrey has listed hot tubs perfect for those limited on space.

The Compact J-215™ instead of the J-225™

The J-215™ and J-225™ are very similar models of hot tubs, with one of the only differences being capacity. Compared to the five-person capacity of the J-225™, the J-215™ holds up to three people.

Though the capacity of the J-215™ is limited, it still has some of the same luxury features of the J-225™. These are the features the J-215™ and J-225™ share:

  • Drink holders
  • Therapy lounge seats
  • CLEARRAY® Plus 2-Stage Filtration

Learn more about the J-215™ here!

The Small J-315™ instead of the J-335™

The J-335™ and J-315™ are both great models for people who want a mid-level hot tub. They share some of the same features, and like the J-215™ and J-225™, they are separated by size.

While the 335 holds up to 5 people, the 315 holds up to three. The J-315™ is a great option for people with small backyards because it’s compact yet robust with features. Here are some of them:

  • J-300™ open seating
  • J-300™ collection design
  • Therapeutic lounge seats

Learn more about the J-315™ here!

More Options at Jacuzzi Hot Tubs & Backyard Living of Surrey

Choosing the right Jacuzzi® Hot Tub is easy with the help of Jacuzzi Hot Tubs & Backyard Living of Surrey.

Please come visit our showroom, and we would be happy to show all the tubs we have for people with limited space. We’re located in Langley and Surrey, BC.

While you’re here, feel free to ask any questions about hot tub maintenance and care!

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