Sleep Better with These 5 New Year’s Resolutions

People are always wanting to get more sleep, and it’s for a good reason. Getting enough sleep provides our bodies with enough energy to function throughout the day.

What’s more, is that having a good night’s rest makes our brains operate at an optimal level. However, getting enough sleep can be difficult for many people.

To help you get more sleep, we list New Year’s Resolutions you can start now to feel more rested in the New Year.

Go to Sleep at the Same Time Every Night

One problem you may face is going to bed at a reasonable hour every night. It’s sometimes difficult to sleep when you want to, but doing so means you’ll wake up feeling fresh.

To help you get to bed at the same time every night, make a bedtime routine. Your new resolutions can include a routine that starts an hour before you want to go to bed. It can be simple like brushing your teeth, preparing tomorrow’s lunch, and taking a shower.

If you keep this routine, your brain will start to realize it’s almost time for bed, which will help you fall asleep quicker.

Enjoy an Evening Soak

Taking the time to take a soak in the bath or a hot tub can help you fall asleep quicker. While you soak in warm water, your body temperature slightly raises.

After you get out, your body temperature beings to drop, which simulates how the body naturally signals the brain it’s bedtime.

For an even more sleep-inducing soak in your hot tub, we recommend using some lavender-scented aromatherapy products. Lavender is a natural sleeping agent that many people use to help them fall asleep.

Exercise in the Morning

If you’re exercising later at night or not at all, you may find it hard to fall asleep when bedtime comes.

Try exercising in the morning. Morning exercises will not only make you fall asleep faster but also wake you up in the morning.

The best form of exercise is swimming, so we recommend taking a morning dip in a pool or swim spa. Even a few minutes of swimming a day can help you sleep better. Plus, with the extra cardio, you’ll feel stronger throughout the day.

Get Invested in a Non-Electronic Hobby

TV screens and computer screens emit blue light. Blue light signals to our brain that it’s still daytime, even if it’s pitch black outside.

Getting invested in a hobby that doesn’t involve TV screens or computer screens can help you sleep better at night.

An hour before you go to bed, you should try to stay away from these devices so that your brain knows it’s nighttime. In that hour, you could spend time on your new hobby.

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