The Allure Of Outdoor Gazebos – 8 Ideas To Embrace Tranquility

VISSCHER Gazebos - Fully Enclosed Outdoor Gazebo

Your backyard is an important area of your home, and with the right elements, you can greatly extend your enjoyment each time you step out your back door.

Outdoor gazebos have become a staple for many, offering ample benefits, and beckoning your loved ones to come together.

When you hear the word “gazebo,” your mind may instantly conjure images of a grand octagonal structure with a peaked roof and an open interior that boasts an air of tranquility.

While that’s certainly a common style, you’d find in parks and recreational areas, outdoor gazebos for your backyard have taken on a look of their own, ensuring your space can be one of a kind!

Below, we’re going to explore three different styles of outdoor gazebos, while sharing some of the best benefits they provide.

We’ll even give you some suggestions on how you can transform your gazebo to truly ensure it matches your vision!

Read on to get inspired!

Types of Outdoor Gazebos

Outdoor gazebos have changed over the years, with technology providing opportunities to enhance their design, offering a totally new experience.

This has resulted in three distinct styles to choose from:

  • Open air gazebos
  • Semi-enclosed gazebos
  • Fully enclosed gazebos

Each one of these styles offers its own look and feel and allows for varying levels of comfort throughout the year.

VISSCHER Outdoor Gazebos - Open Air

Open Air Gazebos

These gazebos offer a wide-open experience, allowing ample airflow and maximizing your visibility.

With their minimalistic design, open-air gazebos can easily complement any backyard aesthetic and offer a comfortable, spacious place to bring your loved ones together.

Open air gazebos also offer ample opportunity to make them your own, adding unique elements to transform their allure, while influencing the effect they have on you each time you walk outside.

Furthermore, if you have a hot tub, open air gazebos are the perfect solution.

Not only do they allow for ample ventilation, but they also provide plenty of ways to enhance the privacy around your outdoor oasis.

VISSCHER Outdoor Gazebos - Semi-Enclosed

Semi-Enclosed Gazebos

Next up, Semi-enclosed outdoor gazebos!

These models boast a more traditional style, with their peaked roof to provide protection from the elements.

With plenty of optional walls, adjustable blinds, and screens, these gazebos offer plenty of ways to add privacy to your space without reducing airflow.

While the exposed sides allow for the cool breeze to flow through, the roof offers complete protection from rain, ensuring you can enjoy your backyard space even during rainy days.

VISSCHER Gazebos - Fully Enclosed Outdoor Gazebo

Fully Enclosed Gazebos

If you want something more robust that makes it possible to enjoy your backyard long after the temperatures have begun to drop, a fully enclosed gazebo is the way to go.

With their peaked roof and closed-in interior, you’ll enjoy the ample privacy these gazebos offer each time you step inside.

These outdoor gazebos are certainly a statement piece, catching the eye of every guest you bring over.

Whether you’re hosting a dinner party as the leaves change colour, or you’re stepping outside for a soothing spa session mid-winter, fully enclosed gazebos offer the perfect level of protection and comfort.

Benefits of Adding an Outdoor Gazebo to Your Backyard

Whichever outdoor gazebo you opt to add to your backyard, there are plenty of benefits you can gain.


One of the biggest benefits is the amount of privacy you’re able to achieve simply by adding one element to your outdoor space!

Living in the city with nearby homes, especially multi-story homes next door, feeling comfortable in your own backyard can be a challenge.

For many, the concern of peering eyes from nearby homes, or nosey neighbours is enough to make them avoid their backyard.

A gazebo can make reclaiming your backyard effortless, ensuring you can enjoy your outdoor space comfortably.

Additionally, even with an open air gazebo, there are plenty of ways to amplify the privacy they provide, ensuring every style gazebo can provide this coveted benefit.

Expand Your Usable Space (and comfort)

Your backyard may be the backdrop of many summer memories, but once it begins cooling off or snow begins to fall, for many, it loses its allure.

Depending on the gazebo you invest in, you may be able to dramatically expand the usability of your outdoor space.

This is especially true for fully enclosed gazebos since they offer complete protection from the elements all year long.

Even semi-enclosed and open air styles can extend your time outside, protecting you from falling rain, or amplifying the privacy of your hot tub!

Spa Protection

If you have a hot tub, adding an outdoor gazebo to your spa sanctuary is a great way to add an extra layer of protection from the elements.

Both the sun and the varying weather will slowly take a toll on your cover.

A gazebo can offer shade on summer days, reducing the damage caused by the sun’s UV rays, while keeping your skin protected while you’re enjoying a mid-afternoon soak.

During the winter, your gazebo can help reduce the weight your cover faces simply by keeping the snow from falling on the cover.

A fully enclosed gazebo brings this even further, protecting your entire spa from rain, snow, and high winds.

While spas are certainly designed with the outdoor elements in mind, reducing their exposure can go a long way in keeping them in prime condition.

Adds a Pop of Style to Your Backyard

No matter which gazebo you decide on, it’s sure to become a statement piece in your space.

With its grand design, it’ll draw the attention of anyone you invite over, and can elevate the aesthetic of your outdoor space.

Furthermore, with the right additions, you can truly make it a transformative element of your space.

Whether you’re adding bright colours to add a whimsical feel, or creating a chic modern appeal with greys, your gazebo can set the tone for the rest of your space.

Increase Home Value

The value of your home comes in two distinct types:

  1. The perceived value of your home, based on how much you enjoy your space
  2. The monetary value of your home, based on various elements

An outdoor gazebo is a great way to amp up the value of your home in both of these ways.

Whether you have plans to sell in the future or are living in your forever home, a gazebo helps give your backyard a small face-lift, increasing the overall value of your home.

Additionally, because you’ll be able to spend more time outdoors and feel more secure and comfortable in your backyard, you’ll quickly see an improvement in how much you value your space.

Jacuzzi hot tub by beach under an outdoor gazebo

8 Tips To Enhance Your Outdoor Gazebo

Now that you have a sense of which type of gazebo would best suit your needs and outdoor space, let’s dream up some ways you can amp up its appeal even further!

1. Privacy Elements

If your goal is to enhance the privacy of your space, there are various ways you can achieve this, no matter which gazebo model you choose.

Visscher Gazebo Privacy Accessories

Visscher gazebos come with various privacy options to choose from, which make it possible to customize your gazebo to match your unique needs.

Not only does this ensure you achieve the privacy you need from day one, but it saves you from searching for privacy accessories from third parties.

The privacy options you can add to a Visscher gazebo vary based on the type of model.

While fully enclosed models offer maximum privacy with their base design, the following privacy accessories are available for open air and semi-enclosed gazebos:

  • Adjustable louvers panels
  • Cabana Roof extension
  • Base panels
  • Privacy drapes
  • Screen drapes

With a combination of these accessories, you can create the privacy you want with ease.

DIY & Natural Privacy Options

If you’d rather take matters into your own hands to make your gazebo truly emulate your personal aesthetic, there are plenty of ways to achieve this.

What works for you will entirely depend on your vision, and finding the right elements can bring your space together.

Whether you want to invoke the feeling of stepping into a lush private garden, or perhaps want a beach resort feel, there are plenty of ways to naturally enhance your gazebo, such as:

  • Hanging plants
  • Dense shrubs
  • Jasmine bushes
  • Hanging ivy (try faux ivy for an ultra-affordable, effortless solution)
  • Flowing curtains
  • Wood paneled walls

Whatever your style, there’s a privacy option to match!

2. Insect Screens

There’s nothing worse than trying to enjoy a moment outside with your family, only to spend all evening swatting bugs away.

By adding some insect screens to your gazebo, you can minimize the amount of bugs you are battling each time you want to enjoy your gazebo!

If you want to maintain a clean aesthetic, retractable insect screens are a great way to achieve the comfort you want without a permanent addition that’s always visible.

Alternatively, you could look at mesh curtains that include a zipper to join them in the middle, effortlessly keeping bugs at bay!

3. Lighting

The way you light your backyard can have a significant impact on how you feel when you’re in your space.

If you enjoy spending time outside after the sun has gone down, adding some fairy lights or Edison bulbs to your gazebo can create a dreamy atmosphere.

Alternatively, you could hang some twinkling lights on the top of your gazebo to create a faux starry night that cultivates a magical feeling.

4. Bar Seating

If you’re someone who enjoys hosting gatherings, adding some bar seating to your outdoor gazebo is a must!

Not only does this expand your backyard seating, but it can easily serve as a central hub for people to gather each time they refill their refreshments.

Better yet, it’s sure to make for some memorable events as your friends and family face off in a cocktail-making challenge!

5. Cozy Outdoor Furniture

Do you envision your outdoor gazebo being a cozy, casual atmosphere where your loved ones can gather and relax?

The seating options you add to your space can go a long way to bring that into reality.

Whether it’s a cozy loveseat with plush cushions, or a few Muskoka chairs laden with blankets, the choice is yours!

6. A Protected Oasis

This one is for hot tub lovers!

If you have a hot tub in your backyard, adding a gazebo to nestle around it is a stunning way to add some privacy, while amping up the protection of your investment.

Not only will it reduce the wear and tear from the elements, but it also provides an easy way to add some additional elements to your spa decor, such as gentle golden hues or hanging lavender plants!

7. Patio Dining

Another option for those who enjoy hosting, or families who enjoy spending summer evenings sharing a meal outside, patio seating is sure to bring your favourite people together.

This is particularly good for fully enclosed gazebos, creating a complete secondary location to eat most seasons of the year!

Short on space for the upcoming Thanksgiving dinner? With the right gazebo and patio set, expanding your dining room will never be easier!

8. A Table Fire

For those looking to add some flare to their outdoor space, adding a fire table to your gazebo may be the perfect solution!

With the open air and semi-enclosed gazebos, you’ll be able to create the ultimate autumn retreat, spending crisp evenings outside around the fire, taking in the sight of changing leaves.

If you have a fully-enclosed gazebo and want to include a fire table, look for one that is safe to use in enclosed spaces and always follow the ventilation requirements!

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