Landscaping Ideas for Your Outdoor Hot Tub This Spring

Your hot tub can be the focal point of your outdoor living space, but only with the right landscaping. The top things to consider for any hot tub landscaping project are privacy, whether it gets a lot of sunshine or shade and how you can integrate it into its surroundings.

Check out our list of tips and tricks to turn your hot tub installation from boring to beautiful.

1. Convenient Elegance

If your hot tub gets a lot of sun, a practical but decorative pergola will serve you well. Not only does a well-constructed pergola look amazing, it will shield you from UV rays while also making it possible to take a dip when it’s raining.

Although a pergola has a crossbeam or lattice roof, additional coverage can be acquired by planting some climbing vines. You can add lattice walls on one or even three sides for a privacy screen as well.

Pergolas are both picturesque and functional. Add that to the fact that they don’t cost the earth to build and it’s a natural choice to enhance your enjoyment of your spa.

2. Surround and Enhance

While you can’t surround your hot tub on every side — because you need to access the panel for repairs and maintenance — there are a number of terrific options for achieving a built-in look.

If you want to give your spa the appearance of being sunken, surround it on three sides with two-tier stone steps. Not only does this help you to enter and exit the spa easily, it looks very elegant.

If that much stonework is out of your price range, build a bench around the spa instead. This provides seating and is a step up from traditional spa cabinetry. If you opt to completely enclose your hot tub, be sure to have a removable panel.

3. A Natural Setting

Ponds are a charming focal point for any back yard. With a little bit of help, your hot tub can become your ‘pond.’  Adding some natural boulders and jagged stones around your spa is a good start. Again, be sure to keep access to the hot tub’s control panel free. One section of the stonework can act as steps into your spa as well.

Similar to a rock garden, you can plant a mix of greenery among the stones. Some of the best plants are blue fescue, hens and chicks, rockcress and coral bells.

4. Complimentary Water

Having a hot tub is the base for turning your backyard space into an oasis.  Why not continue the water theme with a fountain? This complimentary water feature can add tranquillity and a zen-like feel to your outdoor space.

In this case, because you already have a water feature, the fountain will act as an accent to your spa. Rounded, urn-style fountains are smaller than more traditional models, making them perfect as accent pieces in a nearby garden or patio corner.

Be sure to take into account the noise level when choosing your fountain as well. If you want the sound of running water to be heard, you may want to invest in two fountains as smaller versions don’t make as much noise as a large centrepiece fountain does.

Find Your Backyard Inspiration

Are you having trouble getting started? Lacking that creativity and inspiration needed to create a backyard masterpiece? Take a look at these hot tub installations. With a little inspiration, you can take an entirely new approach to your landscaping!

Maximize Your Hot Tub with Excellent Landscaping

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