20 Hot Tub Gift Ideas For The Savvy Hot Tub Owners

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Homeowners who own hot tubs know how calming it is to sit in a hot tub for long periods of time. It’s like having your own personal oasis where you can escape, relax and unwind.

And sometimes, that means that they may not be thinking about the practical aspects of owning a hot tub. So here are 20 hot tub gift ideas for homeowners who have a hot tub:

Best 20 Hot Tub Gift Ideas

1. Backyard Lighting

Simple LED lights are great for making the hot tub more inviting at night or in cold weather. Some backyard lighting options can include string lights, stair lights, in-ground lighting, and even motion sensor lights.

2. Cupholders

A simple fold-up cupholder that attaches to the side of your hot tub so you can sit on it while sitting in the water or on a stool.

3. Floating cooler with Cup Holders and Ice Bucket

For those who like to have a drink while relaxing in their hot tub, this is great because you can keep cold drinks floating around and don’t have to get out of the water to get another one, and you don’t lose any beverages if someone else gets thirsty.

A nice benefit is that they also hold dry food for snacks, too!

4. LED Underwater Lights

These cool little LEDs attach under water and light up brightly at night, creating an enchanting aquatic show – perfect if you entertain friends/family outside often. They are also entertaining, especially for kids!

5. Towels

The hot tub owner in your life might just be using any old towel for their hot tub sessions. Treat your friend or family member to luxury this holiday season with a set of matching spa towels. We suggest opting for a neutral colour, such as white, grey, beige, or brown.

6. Floating Chair

For days when you are tired out from skiing, hiking, or whatever else brings you back to your home away from home… relax with your floating chair! While these floats are generally used in swimming pools, they can make an appearance in the hot tub from time to time. Especially if they are smaller or hold drinks!

They are also super fun for kids to play around with and even better if you pair it with a floating cooler.

7. Robe

What better way to stay warm and cozy after exiting the hot tub, than with a luxurious robe? We suggest aiming for a terry cloth or cotton robe, extra points if it is long and has a hood!

The warmer, the better.

8. Floating Bluetooth Speaker

Connect to your mobile device or computer with a Bluetooth speaker. This hot tub gift is great for the owner of a hot tub that doesn’t have a built-in sound system. It’s an added bonus if they enjoy going to the beach or sitting by the pool in the summer too, as it can be used for just about any body of water.

Simply connect your music, press play, and float on!

9. Outdoor Slippers

Stylish, comfortable, and functional, a pair of outdoor slippers might be one of the best hot tub gifts that you could find for the hot tub owner in your life.

Perfect for walking to and from the hot tub, along with taking the garbage out, checking the mail and letting the dog outside, outdoor slippers are every homeowner’s best friend.

Available in many colors and styles, outdoor slippers generally have a slight backing and thicker bottoms, so your feet stay warm, safe, and protected.

10. Outdoor Shower Accessories

Does the hot tub owner in your life have an outdoor shower? An outdoor shower can really elevate a hot tub installation, allowing users to rinse off before and after using the spa.

Help them make the most of their outdoor shower with all the right outdoor accessories! From a towel rack, towel warmer, or storage container to décor and toiletries that match their aesthetic and more!

11. Floating Dock Lights & Speakers

Now you can light up both underwater and on top of the water at night with floating dock lights! These little lights fit right over your hot tub jets, and some even have built-in music speakers for use with mobile devices. It’s like having your own private backlit dance party in your home without leaving the comfort of the hot tub.

12. Cooler

For those who have a spa installation that isn’t directly outside of their house, a cooler can make a great hot tub gift. They can pack up any drinks or snacks for their hot tub session into the cooler and then simply bring them down to the spa with them. This eliminates the need to exit the spa every time they need a refill!

13. Patio Decor

If your loved one has a hot tub, it’s likely that they have a deck or patio area to match. Whether they have an outdoor patio table, sectional-style couch, or conversation set shielded by a gazebo, there are a number of accessories and patio décor essentials that you can gift to them.

Patio décor and backyard essentials can include:

  • Outdoor candles
  • Patio table centerpiece
  • Throw pillows
  • Throw blankets
  • Outdoor space heater
  • Planters, plants, and pots

You can find patio décor essentials for every season!

14. Shatterproof Glassware

Your loved one can enjoy a delicious drink from the comfort of their spa, all without the worry of broken glass or damage to their hot tub. Shatterproof glassware made especially for the spa is the perfect addition to just about any soak.

Whether you’re hydrating with water or warming up with an herbal tea, the right shatterproof glassware can make the perfect accessory.

15. Cup Holder & Beverage Dispenser

This hot tub gift is just for convenience – an easier way to have a drink in hand while lounging in the hot tub. Plus, no more having to reach down into the water for drinks or leave it behind after each use!

And since this model also has a built-in blender, you won’t have to leave everything out on the counter when making mixed drinks, etc.

16. Waterproof Tablet Case

This waterproof case is cheap and protects your favorite electronic device no matter how wet the day gets. Great for use in the hot tub while watching movies, reading books, or checking emails and social media!

Just remember that electronics are not meant to be submerged in water, so don’t worry about falling asleep with your iPad on… it should be fine.

17. Music Streaming Gift Card

What better way to improve the ambiance of the hot tub, than with the right music? If your friend or family member has a music streaming service, such as Apple Music or Spotify, treat them to a gift card. This will allow them to pay for one or more months of service and keep the good times coming!

18. Spa Aromatherapy Products

The addition of spa aromatherapy products can truly maximize stress relief and relaxation while inside the hot tub. With many scents to choose from, such as eucalyptus, lavender and rose, it’s easy to find the perfect one for the hot tub owner in your life.

Buyer beware, not all aromatherapy products are safe for the hot tub. Essential oils can greatly damage your spa, throwing off the water chemistry and clogging filters, for example. Head to your local hot tub supply store to shop the best deals on aromatherapy products that are safe and suitable for use in the hot tub.

19. Hot Tub Cover Lifter

Make getting in and out of the hot tub that much easier and more enjoyable. A hot tub cover lifter takes the hard work out of lowering and lifting the hot tub cover, which is especially beneficial for anyone who suffers from arthritis, back pain, or other physical/mobility issues.

20. Portable Outdoor Patio Table

What better way to store your belongings while in the hot tub, than with a patio table? Available in many shapes, sizes and styles, a patio table can really complement and complete a hot tub installation.

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