2023 Hot Tub Filter Guide – How to Expertly Clean Your Filters

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Do you enjoy coming home after a long day to step into the crystal clear depths of your hot tub to melt your stress away?

While this is certainly a phenomenal way to recoup after a long day, it’s only possible when you’re properly taking care of your hot tub.

When it comes to your water clarity, your hot tub filters play a significant role.

The filters in your hot tub allow the water to remain clean, safe, and welcoming, devoid of debris and other contaminants.

Whether you’re a new hot tub owner wanting to take exceptional care of your spa, or a seasoned enthusiast facing trouble with your filters, we’re here to help!

In this article, we’re going to break down everything you need to know, from explaining why the cleanliness of your filters matters, to a step-by-step guide on how to do it. In the end, we’ll share some top signs to watch for that may signal your filters need some extra care.

Let’s get started!

What Are Clean Hot Tub Filters Important?

Your hot tub filters are essentially the guardians of your water.

They filter out every drop of water in your hot tub, pulling out impurities and ensuring contaminants and debris don’t re-enter your spa.

However, they do far more than simply keep your water clean.

They also play an important role in the efficiency of your hot tub and support your overall maintenance routine!

Energy Efficiency

Because your water constantly flows through your filters, the cleaner they are, the better your system runs.

As they become caked in grime and debris, it reduces how easily the water can be filtered through them.

Not only does this lead to long run times, but in turn can result in an increase in your energy bills as your system works harder to circulate your water.

Daily Maintenance

Beyond keeping your system efficient, clean filters also make it easier to maintain your hot tub day to day.

Clean filters easily strip contaminants out of the water before they can re-enter your tub.

When they’re clogged, not only is water flow interrupted, but any water that does pass through can bring old contaminants with it.

This can result in an increase in bacteria, leading to difficulties keeping your water clean.

Furthermore, it can reduce the effectiveness of the water treatment products you’re adding because they aren’t able to properly be distributed through the water.

This can result in pockets of overtreated water while also leaving areas with too little treatment, resulting in unsafe water to soak in.

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The Ultimate Hot Tub Filter Cleaning Guide

The good news is – taking care of your filters doesn’t have to be a challenge, and with the right routine, you can be confident your filters are performing at their best all year long.

Cleaning your filters is a multistep process, each one being done at various times throughout the year.

With hot tub filters generally having a lifespan of 12 months, including each one of the routines below can maximize their efficiency and maintain their expected lifespan.

Read on to discover the ultimate hot tub filter cleaning routine for year-round care!

Weekly Rinse

Your weekly routine will be the easiest of the three and often only takes a few minutes to complete.

Each week, you’ll want to remove your filters from your spa and rinse them off using your garden hose.

This helps wash away surface debris, reducing the risk of heavy grime building up.

This method does not require any soap or other cleaning products: simply use water to keep it safe and in working order.

After rinsing off your filters, look them over to ensure they haven’t sustained any damage that may reduce their effectiveness, such as tears, rips, or pleats dislodged from the caps.

Once you’re confident they’re in good working condition, you can return them to your spa and get back to enjoying the toasty water!

Monthly Deep Clean

Even with your weekly routine, there is the potential for heavier set debris forming in your pleats that your rinse may not be able to effectively wash away.

This is where a monthly deep clean comes in.

While it may sound daunting, it’s quite simple. All you’ll need for this step is a filter cleaner, which can easily be found at your hot tub dealer.

After removing your filter from your hot tub, rinse it off and inspect it just like you would during your weekly clean.

Once you’re confident it’s in good condition, spray it with your filter cleaned and set it aside to soak for 15 minutes.

This helps the cleaner loosen any of the more stubborn debris, making it easier to rinse away.

After it’s finished soaking, thoroughly rinse all the cleaner off the filter, then return it to your hot tub!

Pro Tip:

One crucial aspect of cleaning your filters is avoiding household products.

These products aren’t designed to work with the material of your filters and can cause damage not only to your filters, but your entire hot tub system as well.

Only use products designed specifically for spas from reputable companies.

Quarterly Soak

Even if you’ve been keeping up with your weekly and monthly cleaning routines, you may find that after a few months, your filter is starting to look pretty dirty.

This is when a deep clean can help breathe new life back into your filters and improve their efficiency once again.

Ideally, this step should be completed alongside your quarterly water change since this routine will require your filters to be out of your hot tub for an extended period of time.

To revitalize grime-coated filters, fill a bucket with a diluted mixture of filter cleaner and water, as per the directions on your cleaner.

After rinsing and inspecting them, submerge them into the diluted cleaner, and leave them to soak overnight.

The next day, after you’ve drained and cleaned your spa, remove your filters from the bucket, thoroughly rinsing off any debris and remaining cleaner.

After returning them to your spa, you can begin refilling your tub with fresh water for another season of relaxation.

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Signs Your Hot Tub Filters Need Your Attention

Now that you know how to expertly care for your filters, it’s time to explore what signs to watch for that may signal an issue.

Some common issues when filters are clogged or too dirty include:

  • Floating debris in your water
  • Cloudy or foamy water
  • Poor water pressure
  • High water treatment product levels
  • A foul smell

While some of these may be the result of other issues, your hot tub filters are the most likely culprit and should be one of the first things you inspect.

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Congratulations! You now have all the knowledge needed to master your filter care routine!

Whether you’re at the one-year mark and need to replace your filters or are struggling with your spa and need some support, Jacuzzi Backyard Living is here to help!

Our team of experts is friendly and knowledgable, easily working alongside you to diagnose and repair your spa, ensuring you can get back to enjoying your water as soon as possible.

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