5 Tips to Get Your Backyard Ready for Spring 

Getting soil ready for spring.

5 Tips to Get Your Backyard Ready for Spring 


You heard it, didn’t you? The sun came out, and patio season started calling. But…well…your backyard isn’t exactly in shape for relaxing. Let’s fix that. Here are five quick tips to get your backyard ready for warmer days. 

  1. General Clean Up 

All that debris on your lawn from winter? Bag it. Depending on the size of your yard, this might take a while but get all those dead leaves, fallen branches, and other debris that smothers your grass to the curb. This will let in the sunlight and water your grass needs to thrive and grow. 

  1. Aerate The Soil 

How many times have you stared at your patchy lawn and thought about buying some grass seed and then went on about your day once you were inside? Here’s the sign you’ve been looking for: the best time to aerate your lawn and plant grass seed is during the growing season, AKA early spring! 

  • Mark irrigation lines and underground utilities so you don’t do any damage. 
  • Aerate your soil when the grass is damp but not too wet. If the ground is too dry, your aerator won’t be able to penetrate the soil deep enough.
  • Leave the cores on your lawn for a day or two, letting them dry out. Then break them up with a rake, redistributing the soil and nutrients.
  • Seed your lawn with a sample that is compatible with your existing grass. Overseed those bare spots to get a thicker, healthier looking lawn.
  • Water, water, water. You have to water your lawn to help the grass recover and encourage deeper growth. Ideally, one to two times per day for about 30 minutes for three to five days.
  • Purchase a high-quality fertilizer—and follow the instructions! 
  • Stay off your lawn as much as possible for a few weeks for more recovery and growth. 
  1. Get Planting

There’s nothing that says spring or creates ambiance like fresh flowers. Head out to your local nursery and buy a few flats of flowers like marigolds and petunias–they’re easy to take care of if you’re new to gardening. Looking for some more whimsy? Look for zinnias, sunflowers, or black-eyed susans. You can also never go wrong planting some lavender. 

  1. Furniture 

How’s your backyard furniture looking? Hopefully, you stored it away from the elements and it’s in perfect condition! Be sure to check for cracks or broken down pieces, wash all your cushions with soap, and let them sit in the sun. This will help if there’s any musty smell from storage. 

Maybe your furniture isn’t what you remembered, or you’re looking to upgrade or get some new accessories for the season–we can help you there. We’d love to see you at Backyard Living. Or shop online in your pajamas. 

  1. Clean Your Hot Tub 

We’re guessing you clean the tub in your house pretty often—-well, we hope you do. You need to clean your hot tub too (just think about it), so this is your reminder. Your hot tub gets way dirtier than the tub in your house and needs a deep clean more often than you think–but don’t worry, it’s not that hard. We have a how-to for you right here. 

There you have it—five easy ways for every homeowner to get their backyard ready for spring and summer. Want to take it a step further? Add warm lighting, a new barbeque, a bar cart, or fun accessories to your backyard oasis (you can find some right here!). This is your space to relax so make the best of it. Sunny days are coming.

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