Want to get the hot tub of your dreams?

Complement And Enhance Your Spa Experience

Create the backyard of your dreams with a hot tub installation built with you in mind. Complement and enhance your spa experience with the right accessories, perfect for relaxation and entertainment. From covers and cover lifters, to neck pillows and more, you have a wide range of compatible accessories to choose from for your Jacuzzi® brand hot tub.
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Protect with a Cover

Stylish and simple, it’s easy to protect your hot tub with a compatible cover. Our covers are customized to fit your hot tub with ease, helping improve the energy-efficiency of the system and keep the water clean.

Each cover is built with durable materials that are UV and water resistant. All new Jacuzzi® Hot Tubs come standard with a high-quality ProLast™ Cover.

Remove Your Hot Tub Cover with Ease

Stylish and easy to install, hot tub cover lifts make getting in and out of your spa a no-hassle process. Once installed, the lift secures your cover in place, creating a safer environment and offering added protection to the cover itself. Take the strain of lifting and lowering your hot tub cover off of your body, with help from a cover lift.
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Cover Lift Features

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BlueWave™ Spa Stereo System

Connect your smartphone to the speakers in your hot tub using Bluetooth technology. The BlueWave™ Spa Stereo System allows you to listen to music and enjoy the premium sound consistent with the Jacuzzi® Hot Tubs brand.

Other devices can be connected via an AUX input, while the USB input allows you to charge your device as you listen to music from up to 30 feet away. Subwoofer is available on select Jacuzzi® models.

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